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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diary of a High Tea

10 Aug: Sassennest expressed interested in hosting the High Tea
12 Aug: van Nieuwkoop Kadospeciaalzaak in Sassenheim agreed to provide high tea needs (one of my favourite shops in Sassenheim)
14 Aug: 2 local Sassenheim shops expressed interest to participate
14 Aug: Website goes to air
15 Aug: A few bakers have registered
16 Aug: Have a photographer booked
16 Aug: Supermarkets have been contacted...await answer
16 Aug: First Donation received via the KWF site!!
17 Aug: Ontwerpbureau Spies Design have agreed to design the poster!
17 Aug: Tamara Krzelj, a professional cellist has agreed to perform!
17 Aug: Dutch site goes to air (thanks Fransien Brasser)
18 Aug: We have fancy sugars! (thanks!)
19 Aug: We have coffee, tea, chocomel (thanks and! & Mascha Hoexum)
22 Aug: Poster is ready to be printed! (Thanks

5 September: We are on the front page of the local paper!
9 September: Delivered posters to most shops on the main street in Sassenheim- received a great reception!
9 September: de KoffieMeulen promises an exciting 'tea buffet' for the high tea - choose and scoop your own tea!

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